My story

As a third grader, I wrote a story about a boy who turned into a peach in the notebook I'd intended to use for math class. The end product was less than prodigalas I'm sure you can guessbut it was the first time my ideas filled a notebook from cover to cover, the source of a rush I still chase today.

Since then, I've found writing not only lets me create worlds of my own, but it also shows me where I need to be in this one. I chose writing-intensive English as one of my majors at Marquette University, where I edited my school's literary magazine and penned a weekly column with a focus on gender issues for the student newspaper. Post-graduation, I wrote for a content marketing agency, producing stories about everything from snorkeling snafus to mobile banks in Ethiopia.

While writing those stories, I closely followed the daily goings-on in Chicago where I live, transfixed by the disproportionate amounts of street violence, health disparities and economic inequalities that afflict some communities. I wanted to use writing as a way to highlight the people and organizations who piece our city back together and restore humanity after tragedy. Inevitably, I fell in love with mission-driven nonprofit work, and I now write to empower vulnerable communities, families and individuals. I have worked in public affairs for a large safety net health system and a small specialty children's hospital on the city's South Side. In November 2017, I joined the foundation communications team at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital, a top 10 pediatric hospital in Chicago. 

Aside from writing, I enjoy Lake Michigan, cooking for people I love, impractical earrings, Johnny Cash, road trips, and anything by Ann Beattie.